Total Noob! Cleaning & Sealing Concrete Driveway

Hey Guys,

I have been contemplating sealing my concrete driveway for as long as the driveway has been poured which been 2.5 years now. I have pressures washed my drive way 2 times so far, once with a 2800 PSI pressure washer and the second time with 2100 PSI pressure washer. My driveway is a bit more porous than my neighbors since it takes longer time for my drive way to be completely dry after it rains. Besides this, there are a few things going on with my driveway. I have tannin stains from the leaves after it rains and I use a ‘30 second cleaner’ to remove those. I have noticed that they come right off as long as they are removed within the first few days. For older stains, I have used ‘Outdoor Bleach’ with strong dilution (1:3) as recommended in the label but even those do not take the stubborn tannin stains off that have been there for a while. For this reason I want to seal my drive way so i wont have to worry about tannin leaving permanent stains on my driveway. Secondly, I have some rust stains in the concrete here and there, nothing major but they are there in some spots and are pretty noticeable. The ‘30 second cleaner’ nor the pressure washer has ever removed those rust stains.

So I am in a bit of a dilemma. I was kind of hoping that there is some product out there that will work for every kind of stain so i wont feel like i am tasked with such a big project just to clean and seal the driveway. Can you guys please provide some recommendation on a product that will work on tannin and rust stains? I am too scared to use muratic acid.

Additionally, please let me know if this product is any good as this has good reviews.Can some thing possibly go wrong with the application which can cause major headache later down the road as i heard sealers are very difficult to remove? Please advise as i will definitely benefit from it.

Just cut tree down = no more tannin stains.


I’ve used MEK for rust, so far so good.

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Hire a professional


I considered that before posting here but I think I can do this myself as long as I have someone to guide me

What’s the product name?

Would you go to a mechanic shop and ask them how to repair your car so that you wouldn’t have to bring it to them to fix? I’m not being rude but this is not a DIY forum.