Several year back there was a scrappy young kid trying to make his way in the pressure washing business.I liked the kid so I try to help him any way I could because I wanted to see him do well. I answered his calls day and night,during family time,date or movie night with the wife etc. I helped him on pricing commercial jobs to get them on regular service,advice on chemicals…
You get the idea…

I’m not saying in any way,shape or form I’m the only reason this kid has seen good growth in his business,nor am the only one who helped him,but I did hope he might remember the help Igave him in my time of need.

So tonight I stepped way out of my comfort zone stuck my neck out to try and ask for help with my business from the kid.I was met by what I consider to be a slap in the face by someone who has all to quickly forgotten where he started.
I now know no matter how much I have given of myself I can’t expect the same in return.I’ll make my way on my own like I always have in the past.If not I’ll sell my equipment and move on…to something else.

Scott that’s pretty rough Man, all I can say is…karma is a bi#ch, what comes around goes around Brother seen it too many times.

Sorry this happened to you.

been there done that.

I dont know if I can help but feel free to give me a call

Hang in there Scott. Fight the good fight. I truly believe if you have a good heart and a strong character base on a positive set of moral values others will see it. There will always be those that will outright take advantage of it. Best thing I have found is to remove those that will take advantage of you from you life. Those that appreciate at it will in turn respond and you will be the richer for it. I hope it all goes well for you Scott, good luck.

That stinks Scott…
Let me know if I can help in any way.