Tool box on tongue


It’s time, I’m rearranging my little 5x8 enclosed trailer. Per sage advice I’d like to install a tool box on the tongue in place of the leg tank.

Any suggestions for boxes? I may try to find a used one but not sure what type I need.

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What is the probability it’s going to come off and kill my family???

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Google “Tongue Box” and you’ll get an idea of what you are looking for. The typical tongue boxes don’t offer much storage space and if you choose to go bigger you often reduce your truck’s turning radius and end up putting some nice dents in the rear corners of your vehicle. You could also look into having some bracing welded onto the sides and getting side boxes mounted on there. Those are often skinny but longer and you could probably fit two on either side.


I see what you did there.

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Ha ha


Right now the tank measures 4’ long by about 2’, so I guess something similar or smaller. Really it’s just gonna hold odds and ends like my boots, various parts and valves, face shield etc.


Oh you’re the guy with the leg tank on the small trailer! I get the joke now LOL heck in that case I’d just get one of those plastics toolboxes like Racer has on his trailer. I’m sure you can find a sturdy way to mount it on a tongue. My trailer has a tongue brace connecting to the railing so I can’t even put a spare tire on the tongue.


menards ,super light n tuff as a pine knot. $50


Sadly…no Menards here.


They’re just as cheap anywhere else really. Tractor Supply, Ace Hardware, Home Depot, etc. all carry those cheap plastic boxes. You can probably find one on Facebook marketplace or craigslist for $20 right down the street from you


I’m keeping an eye out on Marketplace.


Same exact one at Tractor Supply. For $75

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You can get a V shaped tongue box at HD for less than $100. Have one on the landscape trailer and works great.


We’re getting ready to do just that Friday night. I’m picking up a new trailer today and spending tomorrow night at a friend’s welding shop building new racks and baskets on the sides. I reallly didn’t want to do the baskets but I need the space

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On another thread you said you have an enclosed trailer because of rampant theft. Would a tool box on the tongue invite theft?


They are checking for unlocked car doors mostly, won’t bother with something locked. They also have this device to unlock your car.