Too many leads

I thought I would share this with anyone trying to get more leads or interested in a new way to get leads.

I currently run a very small (2 person) pressure washing / soft wash business in PA. In the past 72 hrs I have received 30+ new leads. I know to some of the much larger pressure washing businesses that is probably not that much but for me it was literally more than I could handle.

A former coworker of mine created a “lead generation” business for tree care companies. I saw how much he helped some of these guys out and convinced him to try and help me as well. And he did. The amount of calls I got was almost too much. Some were great leads others not so much. I’d say of the 30 calls about 20 have turned into customers. Luckily it rained around here pretty hard the other day so I spent about 4 hours going to each location to quote.

If you are one of the guys “booked up for the next 2 months” you probably don’t need new leads. If you are like me just starting your client base this could really help.

If you want some more info or their contact info just PM me.


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To clarify … this was NOT FREE. It cost a good chunk of change. But it worked. I had some people calling BS which I in turn sent them the call log showing all the actual incoming calls.

If I said it was free that would be BS.

If you want some info on it great message me. I have nothing to gain here I just thought I would give back to the group for once :man_shrugging:

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