Too late for marketing?

I know the season is winding down for most but I m wondering being that I’m newer, does it make sense to push marketing hard this late in a season or save that for pre spring?
Aka Will people be more likely to toss in the garbage flyers and door hangers and such because they would just deal with that in the spring?

Most people will throw them in the garbage without even glancing at them, like i do. But if you have no jobs lined up i’d say it’s worth the gamble. The more you wash, the more you wash. (Repeat customers, referrals, neighbors…). Plus more experience under your belt.

Also, Google Adwords would be a better investment i think. They target people actually going online for the service and your ad shows up in the top results of their search. So they’re likely to get it done soon if they’re researching it.

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The thing is, there is always an ROI for your efforts, the question is what is it, and why. In my experience for us, your ROI on those things will probably be half-ish what they will be during the peak season window. That doesn’t mean don’t do it, we do both, but know it and know when to load up. We’ll maybe do more than planned to juice things up a little in the offseason, but that will still be far lower than during peak season.

Google runs all sorts of schemes to get the billables up, without great results, IMO.

They have such a monopoly over this because so many rely on it to find service. I need to find someone that handles this because it seems constant.

Its funny you say that. I find that when you’re slower its actually better to lower your spend on Google Ads.

If you give them a big budget, and people aren’t searching, they’ll show your company for any fugazi result they want and start ignoring your negative keywords in order to keep your billing high.

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