Toddler operating HOT water pressure washer like a BOSS!

Still in diapers and handling the gun like nobody’s business! Doing the best I can right now to step up and fill my big brothers’ shoes after his recent passing.


That boy is lucky to have a man in his life that will step up and teach him how to become a man himself. Good on you brother. I’m sorry to hear of your brother’s passing. I’ll say a prayer for y’all


Thank you and you better believe I’m going to be on his lil case from here on out

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Thats hilarious! Hes having the time of his life with that thing for sure. Sorry to hear the bad news. Condolences.

Thank you, we had two plus years to prepare for it and yes we go hard every time we get him. He loves all my flashlights, headlamps and diesels, lift-gates, compressors and what not. He’s going to be a Mans Man


You done yet Ole Man? ha,ha. I washed during the daylight today,bout to hit 15 tonight. Let a rip,tater chip. :joy: @dperez

All the guys are out and I’m at the house playing hooky with the wife watching 300. I’ve been running pretty hard the last 6 days dodging all the rain we’ve had so I deserve my night off.

You Turd. Lol. Enjoy your time off man

I may get outside and do a engine swap on my little 3500HD box truck. No promises though lol

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