To bulb or not to bulb? fuel line setup for new honda gx690

Read in a post from 2018 that a guy had issues with his bulb and just removed it altogether.

What are your thoughts? I have a brand new 12 gallon plastic tank that i attached a 1/4 inch barb to and bought fuel line for it as well as a bulb to prime it.

Should it be bulbed? Am i overthinking this and a straight shot is all thats required?

I am probably going to be able to test run this thing tomorrow and would love to keep everything as simple as possible.

Never had a bulb on any machine I’ve ever ran and that’s in the dozens so no I don’t think they’re necessary. Seems like the predator engines need them.

Never had a problem with my 630, gas tank is same level as machine.

The 690’s have a fuel pump. Mine does - I don’t use a bulb - bought a fuel cell and hooked up the vent and fuel lines as well as grounding through the fuel level sending unit and haven’t had any issues.

You don’t need a bulb. You do however have to have the correct fuel cap. I’d it dies five minutes after starting, taking the cap. I’d it runs then, you know it’s the cap.

the cap i have seems pretty standard. Its got a vent that you can open or close. Ill try it with the vent open for now, and will remove if need be.

Its absolutely dumping snow up here currently. The one day of good weather was nice. I guess nature enjoys April fools as well :slight_smile:

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I feel your pain. It was almost 60 yesterday, then the front rolled in with high winds, temps dropped to about 27 overnight, and we got a light dusting of snow. Since I am only a part timer, I push the beginning of my season off until the weather is more steady. Was trying to mechanically strip my trailer deck yesterday, couldn’t use PW as I am removing as many gadgets/boxes/lines as I can from the trailer to strip it. That thing, and the field, is soaked.