To add Bleach

I did a job about a month ago. A friend I went to his house the other day and I SEE BLACK streaks going into his drive way… might have been clogged tips I dunno… It was just where you pull into about 150ft… all other spots are fine…

I got a 4 gallon sprayer I was going to add up 1gal Bleach 3 gal water spray let sit 15 min . Then wash it side to side get it cleaned up… Should I add some SH and how much to what I have,\

come on Atlas and bystander don’t give me to much Chit JUST your Ideal…

The active ingredient in bleach is 8.25% SH

I don’t know if this is a question or a statement. Bleach can be from .01 to 15% strength. Not just 8.25%

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I was referring to regular clorox, he said he was using bleach and wanting to add SH. I was explaining that if he is using bleach he already has SH in his mix

I can’t figure out of he is making a statement or asking a question

@Fatdaddy Please leave me out of this…I’m sorry I’ve tried to help you before…It won’t happen again.