Titan swivel troubleshooting

Can someone help me troubleshoot this swivel?
When I gently shake it, air/water leaking.
I already ordered a swivel repair kit, but I don’t think it’s the problem. Because I opened it and found everything in excellent condition.

K I’m assuming that’s a bandit. What’s the problem and what makes you thing it’s the swivel?

I had to change out MY swivel. They go bad. If your solution is coming out of your swivel, there’s no was to salvage or rebuild to my knowlegde. Bite the bullet. Alaa hose reel swivels will work according to m y supplier. I suggest to get one that has a grease fitting so you can periodically lubricate the sucker.

Get a super swivel and replace it every 5 or 6 years. Don’t put grease in the zerk. Seems like any time I grease them they leak


Is super swivel a brand name?


Yes, just google “super swivel”. Best of the best.

All the distributors carry. Run about $55-$60

Lowest restriction of any swivel also aside from lasting the longest. I get about a year out of the ones I use for 50/50. And I don’t rince my lines out. Really nice product

NICE! Sometimes I just opt for whatever the local guy is pushing, and have discovered that you guys know a lot more than he does. Since I forced him to stock that Mosmatic swivel that @Racer touts, it’s become a best seller for him.