Tire Marks on Asphalt

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I got an inquiry about the project in the pics in which the customer indicated “tractor tire dirt marks”. During the on-site inspect, I noticed rubber marks too. So I quoted a ball-valve rinse of the dirt and told him the rubber marks are a separate thing. He said he does want a more thorough cleaning of the tire marks and we can discuss it when he gets back from a trip.

I haven’t done asphalt stain removal, so after reading up on the subject I learned no heat, no pressure, and no typical degreasers. Are tire marks any different or easier than oil spills?

I feel like our conversation could go 2 ways.

  1. Let the customer know that I could clean the dirt, but asphalt is a tricky thing to remove stains from. Results are not guaranteed and that I should pass on this project.

  2. Let the customer know that I have an “Asphalt Safe” degreaser (Dragon Juice) and that we could “try” removing those marks with light agitation and low pressure but results are not guaranteed.

Has anyone done anything similar? What would you do?

I have a tractor and I drive on my asphalt all the time. Sometimes if it is wet out it will leave a dirty tread pattern on the asphalt. One or two rains and it is largely gone. What it looks like to me is that they excavated that bank and then added an asphalt apron. Possibly the tire picked up new asphalt “oil” and put it on the drive. You won’t get that out with water.

There is a guy in Georgia that sells dragon juice, he is very knowledgeable and will discuss the issue with you. Racer recommended him before and he was very helpful. I’m only looking at a picture and am guessing here. I believe that you should clean the dirt off and see if he thinks drgaon juice will help. If not, I’d tell the homeowner that it might be best after cleaning it to have the older side of the drive resealed and it should all blend in better. It will always be noticeable, that happens with asphalt, you can always see where the addition was put unless they grind it down and put a top coat over everything.

I’m no asphalt guru and not really a pressure washer. I do have a keyboard and internet access.

Recommend a blacktop sealer… It’ll make his driveway uniform to the new asphalt laid down

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I think the dirt should get cleaned up first too, to see what’s going on under it. The Dragon Juice is on the way, but I probably should give them a call to see what they think. Thanks