Tire marks newer concrete

Got a call from a client who had tire marks all over his newer concrete driveway. I told him that the concrete looked like it was pretty fresh so I would not use pressure to clean it. I tried double eagle (full strength in the end) 15 minute dwell, yellow brush agitation and hot water rinse with m5 twist nozzle. They got better but not great. Tried groundskeeper also a couple times. Saw a video just now from eachochem rep that showed cleansol bc removes tire marks too. Does it work good! Or Is there any Other product that works wonders on tire marks? I’ve had great results with f9 in the past and had high hopes but even multiple applications of the double eagle didn’t work as expected.

I would use a caustic degreaser. Something with some Sodium Hydroxide. F9 Double Eagle has Sodium Metasilicate and Glycol Ester EB as its main ingredients. I’m a big fan of BD-200 from South side but I’m sure there are other good caustic degreasers out there. I’ve used Purple Power before and just added a little more Sodium Hydroxide. It doesn’t work near as well as BD-200 but it might be good enough for the job. Be sure to use hot water again.

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This was F9 groundskeeper 10:1 cold water. 10 min dwell time. Tire mark on new concrete (about 1 year old). About 1000 psi out the surface cleaner


Thanks guys. Another thing is we didn’t want to get even near the concrete at any pressure. I think something was wrong with it. Even 500 psi at a 2’ distance caused cream to come off and weird striping marks. I know commercial is stronger but I couldn’t believe how delicate it was. @marinegrunt I will order some of that stuff from south side for next time. Great input thank you!

EBC, normal commercial pre-treat, will clean them right off. Just did some on 45 day old concrete couple of weeks ago, turned down surface cleaner some. Drive had fairly heavy mud and tire tracks.


Hopefully you didn’t leave like in top photo

I need to go back and do something about it but short of using 1500 psi tips on a surface cleaner to remove the the rest of the cream top to make it all look the same I’m at a loss as to how to fix it. It will never have that bright white smooth finish again what would you recommend?

Just go do that. If you’re getting the cream running off, just tell the HO that his concrete is defective if real obvious. Looks pretty dirty, so he’ll probably be happy. I doubt he cares that much based on before pics. At least it’ll be uniform. Do that one little triangular section at the top first and see how it looks when it dries.

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Will do. Thanks racer

You were 2 feet away With 500 psi and it did that!?!?

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Some of this newer concrete is pathetic, I’m considering not messing with anything outside of organic stains on anything < 1.5 years old.

It sounds like the concrete wasnt done correctly…

I am pretty much low to no pressure for concrete less than 18 mo and I still see a little cream coming off on most of them. I am running about 1750 psi or less. Too much liability. Good luck with it.

@Racer I’ll need to grab some EBC it sounds like, never use the stuff…what would you say you used for the SC, like 1kpsi? Trying to remedy a similar issue tomorrow (owe a partner a favor), and not trying to create a bigger issue for ourselves…reports are the concrete is between 1 and 2 years (but I would treat it as newer myself).


I use 700-1000 psi heated on newer concrete myself….use f9 products for tire marks.

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Use this to reduce my pressure….neat little tool. Bypasses water down thru the surface cleaner so you still get some cleaning units….


Welp, I’m limited for this one to what I have on hand…it’s a favor fix for a business partner’s client, and it has to be done first thing tomorrow. My heat is currently not mobile, so that’s out. lol

I do have a bit of F9, we don’t use them regularly, but which one would you use there? All I found on search is Groundskeeper and Double Eagle, neither of which I keep here (I have BARC & Efflo, of course, lol)

Double Eagle is what I use……you can follow it up with groundskeeper, helps brighten a little more too.

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I’d say find something with Sodium Hydroxide in it or similar……I let dwell for 10 minutes then low pressure 1000 psi usually turns out great. Double Eagle works fine with cold water too.

:thinking: we have some of that from our old deck stripping days… might be worth a try as well

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