Tire mark removal

What is the best recommendations for this type of cleaning. The area size is 30,000 sqft. And the marks were made by a forklift.

I was thinking steam???
Any input would be welcomed.

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Hot Water & Time.

Looks like a warehouse, we’ve done a few. Thing is these just aren’t tire marks, it’s also imbedded rubber from the forklifts spinning wheels. You may be able to get the bulk off with a surface cleaner but there will be wand work to go along with it. Hopefully the concrete will have some sort of sealer on it, if it does it will make the work easier.

Are there drains close by?

I would think to do a sample on that if possible then give a price afterwords cause you don’t want to find out this job takes 10x longer then expected. From looking at the pics I would try to do a patch with the hottest water my burner can get to. Then I would try another patch with a degreaser at full strength and then hit it with the hottest heat possible. The longer you can let that degreaser dwell the better.

On a guess without trying a sample I would price that Job out to go thru 15-25 gallons of degreaser and an ultra hot water powerwash.

No there are not any drains nearby but we plan to do a water recovery. I suggested that we do a sample but it seems like they just want it done because this is a water bolting factory and they hav an inspection soon.
I think hot with a chem may do the trick but I have already told them that I don’t do magic tricks but I would put my best foot forward.

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Can you get d-limonene?

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Excellent Laurie! It’s better to have that understanding from the get go.

D-limonene would be my #1 choice. If you don’t have any is go with a sodium hydroxide or meta silicate.

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Sodium hydroxide I would try as well. EBC would be another cleaning solution worth a try here. I don’t know if Carlos Gonzalos post here but I’ll see if I can get a response from him about this.

How about F9 Craig? F9 is great on rust removal but does it have the ability to breakdown rubber marks on concrete?

I think that F9 BARC is more suitable for jobs where you can get a buck or more per foot. It won’t work well on rubber anyway… So an alkaline degreaser or a solvent like D-Lim would be more effective.

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Craig, will F9 work on black calcium stains on concrete? (At least that’s what I think they are)
Or do you have a new product that treats those?

I have a few samples of our Efflorescence and calcium remover for sale. This will do it. If you have a pic please send it to me. This product should be available for full scale production in about 3 weeks.

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I’ll get a picture to you. I will add that I treated it with muriatic acid 1:1 and oxalic brushed in with no result.
Does your sample contain hydrochloric acid?

Yes but let’s not hijack this thread :). Shoot me an email or let’s start another thread. Craig@front9restoration.com

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Too late for that lol.
Email sent. Thanks for your help.

I vote d limonene too.