Tire mark removal on concrete


i was just called to quote a concrete parking lot, it is not sealed and has a lot of tire marks, oil and gum, its 6000 sqftand i dont have any experience with tire marks most of the time im only required to clean gum and oil stains, can anyone help me with this?

For what it’s worth with my limited experience, tire marks are typically easy to get off. I imagine the area you’re talking about is more than likely a high traffic area but some of the concrete driveways I’ve worked on had never been washed before and had 5+ years of tire marks. After I was done, there wasn’t a single tire mark visible on any of them.

Thanks for you answer, what product or chemical you use?

I’ve personally only used SH w/elemonator thus far. I suggest you try searching the site a bit to potentially find more in-depth answers. A quick search found this thread about concrete parking lots:

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@Fuegoics all tire marks are not created equal. If what @Deyneran doesn’t work out for you I’d try some solvent based stuff…specifically butyl based, then if that doesn’t work look for a paint stripper with NMP (N-Methyl Pyrrolidone) in it, it will dissolve the tire marks, but wear a respirator!!!


Thamk ypu all for the help, im going today to do some field tests i will shae result with you, thanks again

F9 Groundskeeper takes tire marks off really well

Hot water does a lot as well…

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Thanks all,. No hot water yet

I did a pretty bad driveway a few weeks ago, big delivery truck drove into deliver some heavy stuff in a residential driveway… Long story short, Degreaser- Whisper Wash Classic - Hot Water = GONE!

Tire marks usually mark concrete when they drive in HOT, that’s when tires are most effective at getting traction, so if the marks go on hot they should also come off with hot water.



No hot water yet, the problem here (south Texas) its always hot from mid March till mid November so we have a lot of tire marks everywhere, the real problem is to keep the surface wet enough time for the chemicals to do its job

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