Tips, Tips, which tips?

So here is what I am trying to figure out. Is there any difference in tips when it comes to jrod (I think that is what they are called) / plastic? By difference I am saying is one better than the other.

I included some pics just in case I did not yous the proper terms…

These are not my pics just screenshot off the internet.

The meg nozzles up top are welded together for easy use to chuck and unchuck from gun with qc on end, those meg nozzles also unscrew so you can replace when worn or you want a different pattern etc, bottom homeowner tips are not fixable and you have to carry them around in your pocket, wand holder or keychain, pita.


But, When ya wash rigs with 20 to 50k paint jobs and an idiot doesn’t chuck a nozzle right or the o ring wouldn’t hold it in any longer and it shots across the parking lot and hits a 20 to 50k paint job, I prefer the plastic tips below in those situations :wink:

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They all do different things. You dont nesserarly need them all but you will probably end up with those and a whole bunch more. I have so many different tips and I really only use 5 or 6 on a regular basis just depends on what im doing and what’s next to what I’m washing.

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@Hotshot has a great point, those homeowner ones get easily lost and it’s like carrying 10 bucks in coins in your pocket all day although they are good for grasshoppers to learn on, I just yell out a color with the new guys, they get onto it quickly like there loading a musket lol. I personally carry a 25,40, and a shooter tip on my jrod and it’s always on my gun. As you wash more stuff you’ll get a better idea of what tips to use from day to day, generally speaking washing houses 3 tips will accomodate 95% of your work.




I’ve never had a tip catapult off the gun though, yet.

Get yourself a trombone nozzle then. Fun,fun

Different nozzles get you different psi and spray pattern. You use a nozzle chart to figure out which one you need to hit a certain psi and then figure out what spray pattern you want. Say you had a 5.5 gpm machine and wanted 1200 psi. Go up top to the “1200” column. Now follow it down until you find roughly 5.5 gpm. Then follow to the left and you get a #10. Now say you want a 40 degree spray pattern. That means you’ll want a 4010 nozzle. If you have an 8 gpm machine and wanted 1200 psi follow that same column down to roughly 8 gpm. Then go to the left to see which nozzle you want.


Thank you for the chart!! That makes sense now. On a side note if you are running 2 guns and the machine is 9gpm am I correct in thinking each will be down to 4.5 gpm?

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Not necessarily depends on how its plumbed you gotta do bucket test for that

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Plus if the guns are separate, they may not be used at the same exact time so one gets all the pressure at times.

I just upgraded from a 4gpm to a 9gpm machine. I am trying to figure out what tips would work best for house washing but im at a loss. I did a bucket test and confirm im at 9-9.5 gpm. When looking at the chart, should I use the closest to 9gpm no matter if that number is higher or lower then 9, or should I stick to just the lower or just the higher number? I have a Schertzbox so I use my soap tips for rinsing also because I prefer the lower psi. I am thinking of using a 6560 and a 0060 and a Davis shooter tip. Any input from those that understand tip sizes better then I do?

Those sizes you mention will be fine. Even if you dropped down a size you’re only talking an additional 75 psi or so. That’s still pretty low pressure. You could get both and see which size you like better. A lower size might get you more vertical reach.

When using the nozzle chart round up if you think you want a little higher psi than what it’s telling you or down if you want a little lower. There are so many variables involved such as hose length, engine rpm, pump wear, etc you’re never going to get the exact psi the chart tells you anyways. It’ll get you close though.

Love an m5. Tried one of those? Love those. Especially if you have that remote box.

My jrod setup worked great for my 4gpm machine so I never bought an M5. I might get one just to try now that I have upgraded and will have this machine for awhile.

@marinegrunt I’ll buy a few other sizes to try them out also. I have the 6560 and think I would like a smaller fan so I’ll try a 4060. I wasnt impressed with the height I got with the 0060 and how much atomization was happening. The 0040 I used with my 4gpm went much higher and was more of a solid stream.

My jrod for my 8 gpm shoots 8 feet higher than my M5. I like both but when doing houses like this the M5 doesn’t work up high

Wow…I would actually walk from a house like this…no access to second and third story balconies except with ladder…and that’s pretty high up there…:grimacing:

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Seriously, that ladder placement is going to get someone hurt or killed

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Yeah, wet concrete, shallow angle and placed on a questionable railing…yikes.

I guess if the load is evenly distributed on the gutter and rail it’s not as bad, but still.

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