Tips for Cleaning my Enclosed Trailer

Can you guys tell me what I can use to clean the fake diamond plate on the front of my trailer and the fenders. They are pretty beat. @Hotshot anything you can recommend?

Aluminum brightener, AKA (Hydrofluoric acid). I’d mist the whole damn trailer with H2O and DS the whole thing with HF, 1 side at a time ,Start from the bottom up ,then straight wand from top down with a white tip about 10" away, side to side, with the stream vertical .If using a poly sprayer, 25 % HF, Then fill with H2O. Or DS it straight, Out of the jug. Hit the wheels to,It will make alot of that rust disappear. You might wanna hit the fenders and diamond plate twice, depending on how hot the HF is. you’ll make that dingy paint come to life again and get a satin finish on all the aluminum including door trim etc. It shouldn’t take long,Take me about 5 minutes. You’ll love it. Pinky swear…
Seal it with a carnauba wax ,soap afterwards if you want, DS that to, @ 20:1,Then rinse far away. Apply wax, soap hot if you can. HF works better cold…


You’re just a baller when it comes to things rolling around on rubber amigo. Straight up pimp.


Shucks …Thanks man. I learn so much from y’all on a daily, I’m happy to give advice from my side of the PW fence when I can.


@Hotshot thanks for the help. Will any aluminum brightner work? I assuming a couple of gallons will do the job.

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I need to do this to my trailer as well, thanks for the advice.

Yes sir, I’d use less than 1/2 gallon of my mix on your trailer, But the stuff you buy at the local truck stop,Interwebs or alike is watered down, Like y’alls degreasers you buy @ Home Depot or lowes. My mix sits on the task to clean for under 6 seconds and is ready to rinse, Hence you might need to reapply to your aluminum diamond plate and fenders etc. Rule of thumb on acid is , Once the foaming reaction stops when applied to aluminum,brick,concrete,rust etc, Its done its job and ready to rinse. On your oxidized paint when DS or poly sprayed ,It will be immediately ready to rinse,No dwell time…