Time to get started

Hi guys. My name is Rich Macomber and I’m located in Ct… Well I’m finally going to get started. I’ve been kicking the idea around for quite awhile and just lost my job last week. Nothing like a kick in the pants for motivation. Ive done a fair amount of reading here and the Google search bar has been my friend. I’m planning on starting in the bed of my truck with a Pressure Pro 4/4 with a General pump and a 65 gal. buffer. Plan on doing house washes for now. I think it’s awesome the way you guys share information and help the newbies. I’ve been making lists and planning everything over and over. Thanks in advance for all your help.



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Welcome. What part of CT. are you from?

Welcome, good luck.

Thanks for the welcome. A little nervous but I’m going all in.

Welcome aboard. Good luck @Madmax

Welcome and good luck. Printed materials can be found in our parent site. So can discounted printing. Save some budget for marketing material.

Thanks for the tip. I’m planning on truck signage and yard signs as well as a Facebook page and Google locate.

Ill tell you something i didnt realize is your pressure washer, hoses, guns, tips and tanks are only half of the cost. You’ll spent another small fortune on plumbing, fittings and other miscellaneous things. ESPECIALLY while doing a build.


Look into building your own free website too. Wix.com is a good one, but there are others as well. I upgraded mine so I could use my own domain name(s), but the free version isn’t bad at all for starting out. Also, if you get your own domain name, you can set up an email address with it (your name@your domain.com) for free through Zoho Mail. Beats paying for a business email through google or anyone else for that matter.

I would jump on your marketing materials now. If you have a concept and a decent budget get a logo made, get a google voice number, buy a custom domain, get a g suite account, and make business cards. I’ve been told by several people recently that they wouldn’t give me the time of day if I had a free website so do with that what you will. I think if you’re going to go into business you should invest in proper representation, but that’s just my opinion. It’s a catch 22, you can’t start working without marketing but you can’t afford marketing if you’re not working. I have business cards and postcards coming hopefully today, but I decided to also have a mesh banner made that I can zip tie to the gate of my trailer and an A frame sandwich sign to prop up in front of my rig since I don’t have a wrap or magnets. Now that stuff won’t be here in time for a big job I have going in an affluent neighborhood and I wish I had ordered everything weeks ago all at once.
Also, know your limitations and plan accordingly. I’ve been adding to my arsenal almost daily and I still have a more ideas but I need to stop spending money.

Thanks for all the tips. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to offer advice. I have insurance lined up and have talked to a couple local sign guys. I need to start buying stuff Monday. Haven’t found a local hose place yet so I am looking online.

for signs? I tried to go local but they wanted way too much and the turn around time was much longer than I wanted. I decided on vistaprint for my signs. I just didn’t have time to shop around, and as they say, “more is lost from indecision than from the wrong decision”. So what if I didn’t get the best deal on my machine and trailer, or the signage isn’t the best format. I can iron out all of that s…t later. What’s important is to get out there and work asap, I can’t do that if I’m busy fiddle f…g around with what font I want my phone number to be in.

And so it starts.

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That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

But wait. Theres more.

The paint work on their reels chips and flakes off so easily now. It used to be so much better back in the day!

Are you listening Hannay?..“No not at all” lol