was hoping to get away with 12" reels but not for all. 200’ of 3/8" HP will be fine, 1/2" ID flexzilla for softwash seems to come up short by 25" with 12" reels saying they only 175’ and then forget 200’ of 5/8" supply line def need a 18" other aluminum options besides titan ? don’t care about the supply reel obviously because its just water but you need stainless internals for HP and soft wash unless you are disconnecting your HP every time to go to a bypass set up next to it… ideas ? thanks

Go with the best quality reels you can afford. Titan and Hannay are on the top of the list. You will fit 200 ft of 1/2 on a 12” reel no problem. We run 100 ft hose on our supply 3/4. 100 ft works 95% of the time for us. Pack an extra 100 footer just in case. Less hose on the reel, the better the water flow.

This is my opinion. You may have a different wash situation than our typical resi jobs.


titat 4312s says it can hold 150’ of 5/8" which should be good enough