Tiger stripes/ LAs totally awesome

Has anyone had any experience using LAs totally awesome for Tiger stripes? I forgot where I heard it but I tested it out today on my own house with excellent results. First I tried about a 4:1 and scrubbed with a brush and they came right off. Then I tested spots at 1:1 as well as straight LAs totally awesome to see if there was any paint coming off and there was none. I also poured it straight up on some concrete and there were no side effects. I’m wondering why people bother with gutter grenade when this is so cheap and easy and seems to have no side effects. Did I just discovered something or is the stuff known to have side effects that I’m not aware of. Thanks

It works until you strip someone’s gutters down to bare metal and end up paying a painter to go repaint their gutters.


Pretty sure @racer tried it one time, and it stripped the gutter down to metal. I’ve heard of people using it on vinyl gutters with decent results

Someone on this forum had a post one time about the differences in gutters. If I remember correctly, I think they said some are enamel and clean up well, and some are not and strip easier. Hard to remember exactly, but I am sure you can dig it up through the search tool and cup or two of coffee.

I’ve used acid on a gutter before, but it was a very short application and rinse, after it got hit with HW mix twice. I was worried about stripping them. Oh, I didn’t come up with this idea, credit goes to @Hotshot for introducing me to his chems

Just so you know I wouldn’t have done it if they weren’t this bad. Before

After 2 HW mix hits then acid


I hope every newbie takes note of this comment.

It’s real, and if you get in the business of removing tiger stripes from gutters, you will hit metal at some point, and it will be a bad day.

In my experience, the most I will do is use my house wash mix, and maybe a car wash brush on my pole to agitate.

Go for improvement not perfection, and inform the client before starting the job.


We have a company here that specializes in gutter cleaning, if a customer has really bad tiger striping I usually refer them. They have to physically get up there with ladders, an many of the houses here are three stories with deep inset dormers.

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Yep I’ve used it. No issues. Definitely wouldn’t hit it straight that’s asking for an issue. Dilution ratio specifically says 5:1 water to LA. For oxidation.

Don’t get me wrong here–I keep it on the trailer for the odd time I need it but it probably won’t ever be my go-to for anything in particular.


I’ve never used it on a job, but use it around the house all the time. Always used it straight on everything and never had an issue. It’s good cleaner for dirt cheap, but I don’t think it’s overly strong where it will hurt anything.

Look up my posts about Alcoa aluminum and baked on enamel

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It does and it will, ppl on here aren’t just making these stories up for craps n grins. I’ve seen the aftermath of a 35k white horse trailer which was once oxidized white paint over aluminum. Stripped it clean. Dude had it repainted for the customer. 2k plus boo boo


I do the same. I tell the customer I can get about 90% of the gutter crud off. If I hit that, we’re good. If I exceed it, I’m “the man”. I only use my house wash mix or a bit stronger with a pump up on the gutters I can reach from the ground.

The killer is the permanent shadowing where the crap has started to mar the painted surface. People call and say “you didn’t get the gutters clean”. I assure them, all the organics are dead and gone.

  1. you can’t wash off old
  2. why do you not take care of your crap for decades, then expect it to look like new again, and are shocked it’s more than $99 for a wash…lol

Wasn’t me, never have tried it. Did strip some of my own gutter though when I first started with some gutter grenade. Never used it since. Try to never do a gutter or a brush, lol. If I have to I use Dragon juice. Does a great job w/o scrubbing. Just spray on and lightly wipe with a brush and it won’t hurt paint.

You wash too many houses lol! It was this post from waaaay back in the Grizz days. You ever hear from him anymore?

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LOL, not too many houses, too many years ago. Heck at my age, it’s a miracle I can remember what I did last week. I see the post but I don’t remember when or where.