Tiger Stripes Cleaning Without Damaging Gutters Tips-n-Tricks Please?

Hi Everyone,
I am familiar with the “Black Tiger Stripes” left on white gutters, I found out the hard-way they just don’t come off when using a X-Jet M5 with a Chlorine Mixture for the vinyl siding, my job last night the regualar. I read about the electrostatic bonding from the water running off the shingles.

[B]Can some of you guys share or recommend the best way to take care of them hopefully without a ladder please?

I don’t want the cleaner to damage or dis-color the vinyl siding of course and have read about different products what is the goto product?

Is it a "spray-on rinse-off, or does it need to be brushed or scrubbed? I would like to avoid a ladder if possible.

If the gutters are real badly stained black how do you factor that into the price?[/B]

Thank You Again In Advance!!!

Here, let me help you with that.

Is there one available in any of the local stores?

Thanks Again!

F-13 Gutter Grenade from Bob at Pressure Tek dot com