Tiger Pressure Wash - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hey guys,
I’m Jeremy and I own Tiger Pressure Wash here in Baton Rouge.
We’ve been in business providing Pressure Washing and Painting services in and around Baton Rouge since 2012.
I’m on a lot of these other forums, I’m sure I’ll see more familiar faces here.
Looking forward to seeing some unfamiliar faces as well

hmmm, actually seems like a different crowd here.
A handful of familiar faces, but a buttload of unfamiliar ones

How’s businesses right now its slow for me driving me crazy trying to get some work

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Welcome Jeremy!

Been a little slow since late november, but getting enough jobs to not have to go get a “real” job.
Should really start to pick up mid march.
I see you’re in Kenner.
Nice to meet someone from my state, and with the same 1st name as me too lol
How long have you been in business?

do you have a website?

Yea, getting a website is an essential part of any marketing campaign. I work with a lot of local businesses that get most of their customers straight through their website.

Well if you ever go down a different path in business let me know so I can get with you on your http://pressurewashing.net site or if your ever interested in the new orleans subdomain let me know. The New Orleans and Baton Rouge sub domains would go good together :-). Just closed a 1,400 off of the New Orleans subdomain yesterday…

Hey Bret, good to finally run into you.
I actually had a really great year last year, and definitely see a nice future in this.
I may be interested in that new orleans subdomain later in the year if you may be interested in some sort of deal.
Gotta get things built up a little more here 1st though, but I’ve already bought a lot of the equipment so now it’s mostly extra advertising I need to focus on.