Thumbtack pay as you go?


Hey guys, just signed up for porch, and was considering thumbtack as well. With TT, do they send you the lead/location, and then you decide whether to contact the customer? Just looking for some more info on the process if it is similar to porch.

Thanks for any help


Yep. That’s how it works. Basically impossible to quote on the info they give you, though. I’ve found it to be pretty useless.


Thanks for the info. I’ll give it a whirl just for the hell of it. Your findings seem to be the general consensus of what i’m reading on here


you quote based on very general information, but you have an opportunity to introduce yourself at the same time. Once you have their attention, you get their address and most of the time those are the jobs you will close. I used to like it a lot but not sure about this season. you used to only compete with 3 other providers, now its more like 7 or 8.


Interesting. I signed up last night,and a couple notifications came through today, but the information is so vague. Im hard pressed to spend $11 on a lead that just says “pressure washing”. Anyone else reluctant to spend on vague leads? Even if $11 isnt all the much