Thumbtack and rant

Venting here.

Got off the ground with thumbtack. It’s a love/hate relationship.

Most “in season” weeks I’ll spend $600+ and book 5k in revenue. Roughly 10% marketing spend isn’t bad. Add the referrals and repeats that come and the acquisition cost is less than 5%.

I came from the sales world before this venture and time value of a lead is everything. I’ve closed plenty of jobs before any of the other pros even respond. That said, I’m getting tired of quoting stuff within a couple minutes at 9pm.

Got in this to run a business and now just running around with my head cut off. I knew I wanted to run a home services biz. Low cost of entry and low bar of competition. And I like being outside. Worked remote during Covid and hated it. Only thing I enjoyed about office life prior was the team I worked with.

So for those that have transitioned ( :transgender_flag::wink:) from full time washer to biz manager/operator how did you do it?

Set your hours and stick to them, then cancel thumbtack and build you reputation organically if you can. If you lose out on a job because someone else quoted at 9pm who cares, unless you want that lifestyle? You don’t need every job.