Throwing my hat into the ring

Just throwing my hat in the ring. I run a Handyman business and been doing some house and surface cleaning and really enjoying it. Only using a 2.3gpm simpson. It’s slow but i do have a 2nd story tip that’ll shoot chemical fairly high. I’d love to dive into heavier equipment but I’m trying to hold back on the reins while I’m learning. Any and all advice is appreciated. In the meen time I’ll keep lurking and logging research hours. Thanks.


This rookies advice is to stick around and read, read, and read some more. Just about anything you want to know will be found with a simple search on this forum… you will learn so much more while doing so. This forum has given me so much confidence while taking on jobs I have never done before and it has helped me tremendously. It has taught me what I should do, what I shouldn’t do, and when it’s best to just walk away. I can confidently say I don’t know where I would be right now with out this forum, and the professionals who take the time out of their day to teach and share their knowledge all while asking for nothing in return. Stick around and you’ll be happy you did. Best of luck to you.


If I had to do it all over again, I’d get a 4/4 belt drive machine with fully plumbed unloader. 90% of my frustration was with my direct drive, integrated unloader machine. You can get one for about $1300 or so. It may not be ‘all that’ compared to a 5.5 or 8gpm, but it’ll work just fine.


A handyman hacking away with inadequate equipment is not going to make a lot of friends around here. To a professional who makes his living washing houses, you are the enemy. BUT, if you are serious about building a pressure washing company, the guys around here will bend over backwards to help you out.

Sell that Simpson on craigslist. Buy a high draw injector, a downstream nozzle kit and a jug of elemonator from pressuretek. Pick up a few cases of 12.5% SH liquid shock from your local swimming pool place. Rent a 4 GPM machine and do some practice houses. All that won’t cost you 200 bucks.

I know that sounds crazy when you have a “perfectly good” machine that you have been using and making money with. I have been there.

Don’t be cheap. It takes money to make money. It takes even more money to make money reliably. You need good equipment. It will pay for itself quickly.

Don’t be afraid to order stuff and PAY FOR SHIPPING. It’s tempting to get a hose from Home Depot or some soap from Target. The local big box stores are convenient and you feel comfortable there. Don’t fall for it. Big box stores don’t have the stuff you want.


Thanks for all the advice guys. :sunglasses: