Threaded nightmare

So I just got done assembling my new pressure washer, mounted it to the frame, & attaches it to the pump. However, I wanted to install a 1/2” x 3/4” filter that threads not the hose inlet. I started to try & de-thread the fitting behind the hose inlet, which is part of a 3 way block tee. The problem is that I have only threads on the hose part to grab, no hex or flat pieces. I even took the spring off to try & get better friction to dethread it. All I’m trying to do now is to get the tee off so I can replace it with a new tee, hook the bypass hose back up, & connect the filter. My problem is that no matter which angle I try, both the unloader line & the tee keep hitting one another. I think if I could somehow get the threaded hose connection off, then I would gain enough clearance to dethread one of the lines. It’s a brand new cat pump, & I think they glued the damn water hose line threads into the tee. Is there anything I can use to unstick glue? Either that, or can I take the unloader apart?

Got a pic a lil farther away? And why such a small filter ?

Internal pipe wrench or nipple extractor. Throw that filter as deep into the woods as you can and forget it existed. Sprinkler filter on the inlet hose is $8. Or search here for blue top filters

Are you trying to take the female swivel supply hose fitting off? If so, pop out the little filter and bam, there’s either a hex or square hole in there to screw off the whole supply fitting out of the t.


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You’re right! I forgot. They all have a hex key.

Looks like the unloader will have to come off first.

You can also stick the head of a hex bolt in there and twist it out with either a monkey wrench or 2 nuts threaded on the bolt. Learned that the hard way in the middle of a job.

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JIC connection on unloader. Hex on the internal to loosen. That’s a crap filter.

Should also plug that bypass return hole and run your bypass to your buffer tank, if you’re running off one. Keeps the pump much cooler, and you can stay off the trigger for extended periods of time if needed.

Nice! I should’ve thought about there being a hex inside of the female of the water hookup. If I can get it off, I’d replace it with this filter. However, several of you are saying it’s crap. Squid- is the name brand “blue top”? Which website should I look for them on? You said get them here, but didn’t supply a link…Also, i don’t have a buffer tank, just bought another 4 gpm machine.

Tractor supply

Or go to window cleaner. Com. And get the blue one

Tractor supply sells an 80 micron (or mesh, can’t remember) clear cap filter you can put inline, or you can order from one the many vendors. Probably cheaper to order.

Dang it @Patriotspwashing, we must be on the same brain wavelength or something.

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Pressure Tek. Get the clear one so you can see when to clean

silly question, but while on topic, could a camlock be used for supply inlet to machine?

It has been said, and I agree with it, that it will allow air into stream because these pro pumps draw suction. So, if to use 1, make sure it’s not to close to actual inlet.

12v or pressure washer?

On a pressure washer? Never

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