Thougts on machine

Alkota 835S Special

This is what my local supplier is suggeting to me. We are 100% residental, mainly driveways, decks, siding and a few roofs.

Currently we have a 5gpm unit, this would take us up to 8gpm, key start, and double our gas tank size.

Really don’t know much about the different makers but would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

Dave what do you want to be able to do with a 8gpm machine? If your not washing 4-5 houses a day 8 gpm is going to be overkill. We run a 5.5 gpm and it is more than enough for us. If you go with an 8gpm some things you need to think about. Water supply, how big of a tank will you need to have, how big of a truck do you need to pull your equipment? I was just reading another post where you said you are not pw everyday. I would stick with the 5gpm until you need to add equipment to keep up with your work flow.

+1 except I would go with the 8gpm for rinsing and keep the 5.5 to soap up. You will be in and out so fast and that will leave you MORE time to go chase more work