Thoughts on rust removal for this resturant

Got a call from a local restaurant who needs their patio cleaned. They have tons of rust stains from the feet of the metal chairs. Im thinking they are light enough for an ebc to take care of it but may end up having to use F9 for the complete job there are hundreds and hundreds of these rings patio is about 25x15.

Anyone have any experience on these types of patios?

EBC is a degreaser not a rust remover. Running a surface cleaner may take up the very light stains but a lot of rings will probably still be left. Sell them on cleaning and restoration. Personally i would have 3 prices for this job, ask them what level of clean are they looking for. Also do a test spot with the surface cleaner, that surface looks like it may bleed a little color, may just have to soft wash it. And test F9 to make sure it doesnt change the color too much as well.

A general cleaning - rust will still be there
Cleaning + rust removal - The stains will eventually return unless you switch out furniture or put rubber “feet” on all the chairs.
Complete restoration job of Cleaning + rust removal + sealing

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Appreciate the advice only reason I suggested EBC was I’ve had good success with my degreaser from Landa removing light rust stains.

I like the thought on offering a few different packages for cleaning though.

Whatever you do don’t use Iron Out unless you plan to do the whole patio. I find a bottle for $10 at Menards and decide to test it in my garage on rust stains. The rust stains came out great, but the areas where I applied it are lighter in color than the rest of the garage even after surface cleaning.

F9 Barc will get them out.