Thoughts on how to clean this? Black stains on porous stone

I have a client who’s looking to spruce up the home. I told him that I can’t guarantee any improvement on the what is stained/absorbed deep into the stone. He’s understanding of this.

We seem to get this black mold that sets deep into stone here in Oregon.

Other than bleach, any thoughts on how to remove/improve?

OneRestore. Check eacochem for appropriate detergent and process.

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is that area near a planter or bushes? I kinda reminds me of a mold that can jump onto items next to it and take root. I had some jump onto my glass and siding. I used sh and got it off. Hope that helps.

1:1 with F9 BARC, llight mist, let dwell 5-10 mins and pressure wash. Should work. Do a small test spot first.

Hey Sultan your talking about Artillery Fungus. To remove them and the stain they leave behind is almost impossible unless your going to take all day to do a few of them. You see them alot on Vinyl homes where these spots do indeed jump off the mulch. Lesson here is to never promise your customer you can get them off. The house can sparkle but those suckers stick. Even if you pop them they leave stains.

That stone Picture either like Tim Says Ones Restore which is pretty potent stuff can probably remove it. Definitely where chemical gloves when dealing with One restore. Craigs F9 is the best rust remover on the market thats safe to use. If Craig says it can clean that stone I would be inclined to give it a try. The very least You will still have the best rust remover in your arsenal of cleaning solutions.

Thanks guys. I do have one restore on the shelf. So I’ll use that first. I should get around to picking up f9, I’ve just never had anyone request/need rust removal.