This might be a dumb?

So I got to thinking if I used hydrogen peroxide with a surfactant in a foamer work…would it work the same cleaning with bleach

Are you asking if hydrogen peroxide mixed with a soap will be the same as bleach?

Would it clean the same or how would you even mix it with something

It won’t work

Tell me why it wouldn’t work???

I’m not one of them fancy scientist type folk. but I think it would be too much oxygen in the mix and it would lose all its cleaning ability once it was put through the foamer. this is pure speculation though

I agree with you

Now I’ve got a question for all you folks to get your $.02. What if you mixed up a 4/1 batch of 12.5 SH and downstreamed it. BUT, you also had a X-jet and you had a fiver mixed 4/1 SH with your surfactant. Could you use this on a roof? This is pure hypothetical here. I’m just wondering what your final concentration would be if everything was drawing correctly

Nope. You asked if it would work. It won’t. Do the experiments on your own and draw your own conclusions.

Roof mix needs to be at least 50/50. Can’t get that with an Xjet.

ah ok. Thought it would be a cool experiment trying to “double down” by downstreaming and using a x-jet at the same time. I thought with the right tip you could get a 2:1 ratio with a x-jet??

Can’t downstream and xjet at same time. Xjet is high pressure. Need low pressure to downstream. Think about xjet this way. To get a 50/50 mix and you had a 4gpm machine you would have to be pulling 4 gpm of bleach at the same , thru a small barb on the xjet. Math doesn’t work.

Congratulations though on picking an aptly named title for this post, LOL.


Lol. I have tried so much stuff that didn’t work I’d be embarrassed if y’all knew all if it.


I was under the impression that a x jet worked on low pressure also because it would have to be able to draw chemicals through the barb and from a bucket. I’ve never used a xjet but I’m wanting to get one so I can do higher concentrations of Chems on wood applications. I thought it used a large orifice to draw chemicals just like a regular DS setup.

I made a GWOD. Gutter wand of death. Picture a punp sprayer with a 20 foot piece length of conduit with a hose ziptied to it. Goal was to pump spray 2nd floor gutters from the ground. Pump for 5 minutes, spray for 5 seconds and it all ran down the hose all over your hands and arms. I quit scrubbing gutters 15 years ago because of that.


Same principle but the xjet has the injector after the gun so it can use higher pressure and still draw soap.

Oh ok. That makes sense. I’m just not ready to buy a roof pump so I’m looking for alternative ways to apply higher concentrations of Chems for certain jobs. I think the x jet is the most economical solution for me now.

The gutter wand of death. Sounds like something I would cook up :joy: I’m always trying to think outside of the box too. Sometimes it doesn’t go so well.

Xjet is great. Just can’t pull enough for roofs. I have a 5 gallon bucket full of xjets. Back in the 90’s i wpuld help the inventor of the xjet, Mike Baker of Xterior Sales, put them together and box them up. He always gave me 3 or 4 to sale to make a little money but I hung onto them. Most are the old school design.

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You can modify the xjet so that its low pressure.