This industry is weird

Last year I had a ton of people cheap out on the house wash and only get their concrete cleaned. So this year I bumped up my pricing a tad on concrete cleaning and now I’m only getting the house wash side and not the concrete. Where is the happy middle ground with customers where they get both. It seems once the total goes over $500 they either walk away completely or only get one of the two services done.

Charge your worth, stick to your prices. It’s a marathon! Insert more bad cliches here

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My prices are my prices I don’t negotiate unless I’m getting the neighborhood. Just trying to get my average ticket value up.

I found a long time ago there is more money to be made washing multiple houses than there is washing one house and their concrete


i dont advertise/market for concrete anymore, its on my trailer and i will clean them… im not touching any deck that isnt painted or composite either.

If they want driveway done, they ask for it, but im not asking or pushing them on it.

Rather go wash another house, i hate flat work.

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Give a “bundle” discount. $25 off concrete cleaning when bundled with house wash. Id rather make $675 in one spot than make $700 traveling to 2 places


Well yeah, thats a no brainer.

When you deal with the common folk and $200 house washes and $80-100 sidewalk/driveways, house washes much easier money.


Completely agree with this but I’m in a weird situation right now. I’m trying to hire my first guy but I cant promise 40 hours a week. If i can get my average ticket up I can have them at a single location longer which would fill out the week better.

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Never thought about offering a bundle discount. Good call will have to put this on my estimates to see if that helps.

Nothing wrong with that. My market is easy. I literally turn down more than I do. I’m all about the easy but it took a few years to get to that point. On point with the employee. I never got anyone I can’t promise 40 hours or carry thru the winter. Good luck


I give them two prices. The today price since I’m already here and the price for me to come back out. People love to feel like their saving and making the best financial decision


I rarely ever go to a job site before I do the work so that wont work for me haha. Now that does work for the neighbor next door that wants an estimate while I’m working if its the last job of the day.

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I don’t either. You offer it to them when the call for an estimate and again before they get the invoice if they didn’t go for it the first time. They see how clean the house is next to the dirty concrete. Then you tell them the today price and the different day price. It’s a legitimate price difference. Traveling cost, blocking off your schedule for a driveway only cost more.

On the intial call I always tell them the services we provide, regardless of what they are calling for. I don’t push it, just mention it to put it on their mind. They live there. They look at it every day. Now they’re looking at that green fence or those black streaks on the roof, or dingy driveway.