Think this Roof is Ready to Be Cleaned? Haha


I shoot real estate but also edit for other real estate photographers. I was editing a shoot today, and this was the neighboring house so I just had to screenshot it and post it here. One of you guys needs to get over there quick! haha

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If you look close you can see It already has spray and forget on it.

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I have one nearby that makes that look clean!

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It does look like someone already tried. Doesnt look naturally occurring

That’s what spray and forgot looks like while it’s working. Sometimes for several months. It also makes cleaning it with SH more difficult.

Enough that I should up the rate IF they have already tried that route?

Yes . I don’t know why but it can be a pain. I’ve only come across it a few times. Mainly because the home owner was told to clean there roof so they tried themselves. They only have 30 days to clean there roof when they get a letter but spray and forget can take many months. So they end up calling us anyway . Always a pita sometimes 5 or more coats