Think Oxidation is Only a Pressure Washing Nightmare?

Yep. We window cleaners have to deal with it too. It can double the amount of time it takes to clean exterior windows and if you’re not careful you’ll remove the paint right off the frames or muntins. :expressionless:


Not sure how this was a related video but made me laugh.

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Im liking that pole. Im very curious about window cleaning and the market for it. I would say its more of a commercial market than residential? Alex and George seem to be doing well with window cleaning and up selling PWing. I didn’t know you did it as well.

Yes sir. Good video.

I’ll never forget my first WFP job, I thought I killed it. Next morning customer calls and says it looks like you poured milk on my windows.

Oh man, as a long time window cleaner I run into this all the time with the advent of vinyl windows. Now that they are 20+ years in, they can be a real PITA as the material has degraded in sunlight, turning my 30 second clean into a 5 minute touch-up nightmare.

As for the video, why on earth are the removable mullions on the outside? I have never seen that before.

Grizz…WC is really a natural progression of PW as the windows almost always get messed up afterward. I’m in the position to PW, WC and fix any torn screens as a whole package service. I’m rather busy doing so as you can imagine.

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Exterior window cleaning is really profitable.

I only do residential,only as an add on to a house wash.

The hw makes the windows go way faster and a better finished product as your using a WFP on a first clean. My avg ticket increase is $140 for about 35 minutes of work ( customer removes screens) If the customer wants screens washed they stage them on the garage door.