Things stuck on stucco

Hi, I’ve been house cleaning for a few months and everything has been going well except with things stuck on stucco. I’m not talking about stains, but things like spider webs, dead bugs, dead grass, etc. Its more common with a front porch area. I’ll spray the area, and the things stuck on the stucco will move and stick to another area of the stucco. Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

I use the shooter tip.

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Use a little more surfactant.

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Stucco can be tricky for that reason, Specially if there’s a ton of spider webs. Get your self a cobweb remover and remove as much as possible before you start washing, it will eliminate this problem almost entirely…


Get a bigger machine. More volume will do wonders for your rinsing.


Seriously, work it down the wall. Pick out your section that you’re rinsing, start at top and go back and forth slowly working your way down the wall. That will chase all the debris, soap, dirt, whatever down the wall as you go.Then move to adjacent section. This is a fairly common mistake for a lot of washers. They’re waving their wands all over the place. Be systematic in your rinsing. Vinyl, brick, stucco, it’s all the same.


Thanks everyone for the tips

Watch this short video I did on washing brick and stone - you can skip to about 1min mark and pick up from there.


This is with your 5.5 NT 12V? And just ballvalve.

LOL, heck no. That’s with my 8.5gpm pw. I wish my 12v would shoot like that.

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Ok, yeah, that certainly more than double a 4gpm stream and then some.