There's gotta be something better than these current ladder standoffs

Is it just me or am I taking crazy pills? I feel like these things never want to sit right where they are supposed to do I’m dicking around with the ladder trying to precariously balance this thing 28ft in the air.

There’s got to be a better way for stability. Please. Enlighten me! :joy: Also I’m a big fan of having several feet of rings up the above the roof so that I can hold onto that and if you go lower than the last 2 rungs on the ladder it makes these things pretty darn hard to counterweight off and lower these.

I’ve had two of these bust on me. The last one caused me to almost die falling off a ladder. I’ll probably tell the story later but have to change my underwear first.

Yeah, there are better ones but they take a few seconds longer to setup:

What I’ve always used, great for roofs. Just leave mine on all the time though.

Curious how this almost killed you.
Been using mine for years and love them.
Was your lock pin not installed?

Hey Nate. Have been super busy so haven’t wrote story yet but yes, had the lock pin in too. It’s all tweaked now though.

All last year I used it, and never had an issue aside from having to mess around with it quite a bit trying to get it at the right angle on the roof or retracting the ladder until this season. The day before this issue, the safety pin failed and i had a nasty scare. I took this as a sign that theses are consumables and bought a new one (same model) at the store and went to a job my next day. That pin just about failed and i ended up getting very lucky when it did. Both times it popped off from up top. Now I’m wondering if it’s something with the ladder but am a little gunshy to use it again to be honest.

Got a close up pic of the ‘safety pin’? Might be able to substitute for something that either won’t back out or stronger shear strength.

Not right now. Been a very busy first week back. Has been great for the wallet but not much time for much else at the moment

I feel like a grade 5 stainless bolt and locking nut would be a better route, you’d just have to unscrew it when done.

Gotcha. Glad you escaped serious injury!