There Has To be Something Better! Hose sealent

Ok guy’s, Ordered some new hoses and it’s time to add plugs to them… I’m done using teflon tape, There has to be a better option! Liquid teflon??? I’d like something that can be used in the field and needs no dry time… What are you guys using??

Teflon put on right should be all you need. 2 wraps going in the right direction


Curiously, why are you done using Teflon tape? It’s super easy and works. Are you having issues with it?

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Regular old 99 cent a roll tef tape keeps my rolling.

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I just don’t trust it… NPT threads are tappered and Id rather have a liquid style sealer… I get worried in delicate parts like pump heads where the brass is easier to crack…

That’s strange and teff tape isn’t a sealer. But, it’s your pump so go crazy

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