The "Wizard of Wood" Everett Abrams Video

Check out Everett Abrams aka “The Wizard of Wood” Video. I’ve been to his shop in the past along with some other wood Guru’s such as Rick Petry to see in person Everett’s Deck Restoration Plus products in action. Personally I thought it was amazing how well they worked.

To be able to apply stain to a piece of wood that has a high moisture content (notoriously is the case on the east coast) and to even be able to apply his product to wet wood with great results is nothing short of amazing.

Here’s his Video thats worth checking out.

thanks for sharing that John. Great video.

Very informative! Will you be at the convention in Nashville?

Wash Authority

I wish i could be there but we’ll be on vacation then. I’m pretty sure Everett Abrams will have a both at the show.

Yes, he will.

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