The wash life YouTube channel

Did anyone else follow that guy? I found some good ideas in his vids. I also like the way he centered his thoughts around newbs getting into the business. His channel is gone.

I watched him, I don’t know why he left YouTube

Yeah, he was a rising star… hit 1k subscribers pretty fast, if i remember. Had some pretty informative videos, especially for new guys. I didnt watch all of them, but i watched a few. He posted on some Facebook groups as well. He mentioned several times that he wanted to keep his identity anonymous, and some were speculating that people found out who he is, and that caused him to shut it down. That’s just speculation though.

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I watched his videos occasionally also. He had one for building his own soft wash wand out of PVC and I was looking for it last night and noticed his channel was gone. Weird.

I have the parts at the house. I watched it too. lol

Was that the little hispanic guy with the cool shirts?

I’m not sure what he was and I can’t say I remember anything about shirts.

Never saw his shirts. He did a good job of keeping himself out of any and every shot.

Not the same guy then. This guy is in every shot and has the sweet sublimated poly shirts. Multi colored. He has some good info and was the first place I learned that SH neutralizes tannin stains.

I wish I could remember his name…

Hey Brodie,
do you mean this guy:

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Does anyone have his fb page ?

Yes! He has some good stuff on there.


Somehow i could smell the pump sprayer solution as he applied it x)


Ive seen most of his too. The wash life dude is more entertaining

I liked his videos but I think he got scared off because he showed his phone number/signs in a few of his videos so people were able to look him up and find his identity.

I was able to contact him on facebook for a few questions before he deleted that but he never responded back to me. Sucks, I thought his videos were pretty good overall and he was getting a following fast.

Maybe his videos were being seen by insurance companies or something that forced him to take it down?

too many malicious azzholes on the web

Sounds kind of paranoid, to me.

Might have been in witness protection…IDK.

Here you guys go! You wanted to know about him then here is his new channel. He explains everything in this video and you can see his face, lol. - YouTube


His videos were pretty influential in my decision to go for it. My research included all of his videos. Glad he is back

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Nice, I’d subscribe if he didn’t have such a potty mouth :confused: