The verdict is in


After a week of our new trailer sitting due to cold weather we finally got to use it today. This is my first time running an 8 gallon a minute machine and wow what a difference. We had it running and the hydrotek running and did it in a third of a the time that it would normally take. We also got to play with the Gen 3 system with the proportioner it’s an awesome piece of equipment. I went to a friend’s house that we had cleaned her driveway and it was so nice switching chemical ratios from stucco to the roof to post treating a driveway. Now if spring will ever hurry up and get here it’ll be time to make some money. Thanks for everyone’s input and advise.


You have a very nice set up man!


Thanks. We have put it to work the past couple of days and have been very happy with it. I’ve done batch mix in the past and the proportioner is definitely the way to go. Today made a believer out of me. I found another sh supplier in Jackson it takes them a week to get it in though so we’re heading to gluckstadt Monday am.


You wont be disappointed with the SH from Gluckstadt, other than price. But its hot SH. And yea, I’d love to add the proportioner in the future for sure. Glad your enjoying your set up. Seeing your rig definitely made me want to rebuild and add to mine!


Thanks. We’ve just got to stay busy enough to survive this winter. We dipped way into our reserve to go ahead and finish it up. It’s kinda nerve-wracking but we know God is going to meet our needs. He always has.