The truth about the misuse of chlorine (sodium hypochlorite)

What do you guys say about this? And how do you protect your customers when using it?
The Truth About The Misuse Of Chlorine In Relation To Roof Cleaning In Florida

I would obviously point out that it’s a blog written by a competitor, since that’s what it is. I carry my own information sheets from unbiased sources, rarely does the conversation get to that point where I have to break that stuff out.

Would you be willing to share those sheets? Also I did not notice it was from a competitor. My bad

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They are just promoting their own “green” version of roof cleaning.

KC Roof Cleaning plant safe green certified sarasota bradenton roof cleaners

It’s called competition…

Worrying about your comp will end up hurting you.

Focus on building your own business, and not what others do.

No different than the roof sham*** guys or any of the other outfits that sell on scare tactics. The average semi-smart person is automatically going to dismiss it as being propaganda just based on the way it’s spelled out.

Most people don’t like being sold that way. It also speaks volumes to the customer when their pitch is negatively focused on others versus what service they are actually providing.

You can’t sell negativity to positive people. They won’t even think about buying it, it’s an automatic dismissal regardless of how good one may really be.

This is also a bit old, half the links are dead.

I find it pretty “Classless” when someone puts down a competitor (By Name) in a blog just to try and make themselves look better or who-do consumers to their point of view.

Anything is “Toxic” to a certain point even Water…Over watering a plant can kill it…A person can die ingesting large amounts of water…in both cases “Water Toxicity” was the problem.

If bleach is so bad why have we been using it for 100 years? Washed our clothes in it, sanitized our water with it, etc…

The solution is dilution…and the knowledge to use it.

In kinda new to the soft wash thing and was just wondering why your thoughts are. In want to be as careful as possible. I just bought my downstream kit from pressuretek so I’m doing some research. I will say it is rather tacky for the guy to defame a competitor by name.

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The link you provided is more about roof cleaning, that can’t be done with downstreaming…totally different processes.