The Sniper Nozzle

Good afternoon everyone! I wanted to post a link to the new FB page for “The Sniper Nozzle”. It is a long barrel type nozzle used for maximum distance without sacrificing flow. It nearly eliminates the need for ladders or lifts up to 4 stories depending on GPM. 4-6 GPM are reaching 45-50ft depending on wind and angle of attack while 7-12GPM are reaching 60+! There are a few videos on the FB page along with some photos. We have sold over 100 in the past few days and will have many more photos and videos up soon. We will also be giving away a FREE nozzle weekly to one lucky fan of the page.

is a “like” the same as a “fan”?

Yes, the older business pages had “Fans”…Sorry. Thank you.

Is this a new version of this?

Oh no, just a cheap copy. He bought the TOST in Oct…Now I know how Gucci feels…Lol!

It is similar to other versions but made of aircraft grade aluminum.

I “liked” you, when will I get a free one?

Every Monday will be giving one away.

I guess I misunderstood?

All fans or “likes” will be in the drawing for it. Thanks.

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Hmmm…“Sniper Nozzle”…“Shooter Tip” (Kinda reminds me of an Eddie Murphy movie)

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I didnt realize there was going to be a drawing. I should get a free one for bringing this important detail to your attention :cool:

I can show you how to unlike a page, if needed.

I’m generally happy with mine, but I find that the pattern changes sometimes from a stream to more of a spray. It still reaches height decently, but it’s not as tight a pattern and is more susceptible to being affected by wind. I haven’t had this happen with other similar tips. Is there anything I can do to minimize this?

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