The shipping that some of our suppliers want is extremely hard to understand

So I am in need of a couple of mtp 3/8" plugs and was going to purchase the Hansen stainless. I checked with my regular supplier, then another big one, and another big one. The cheapest shipping amongst the three was $18 and the most expensive was $96 in SHIPPING FEES!!! All for $13 in two tiny plugs. I certainly do not understand this!

Probably a minimum price. Buy a bunch and make it worthwhile

That’s what I did. I ordered enough to replace all my fittings and got free shipping after meeting a minimum order. Hopefully these Hansen SS fittings are quality as they surely aren’t cheap.

I feel you. We use EZ Nano Seal concrete sealer because its simple to use and a great product, everyone charges $40. per 5 shipping. which brings a 5 to approx.$280. I hate shipping charges too…