The Pressure Washer Roller Coaster!

First off I want to thank everyone that contributes to this site! This is my first attempt at building a trailer and a very large amount of it was knowledge gained here. I am pretty happy with most things and a few things i would like to change in the future.


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Few minor things were adjusted after these pictures but overall works out pretty well.

I had great service from BCE, North Georgia Airless, Pressure Tek, Flow Pro and Midwest.

I had a couple small high pressure side leaks but i was able to fix them.

I have done 5-6 various jobs.


Very Nice!

I mounted all of big items with plates on the underside since enclosed trailers have press board floors.

This info will be valid for the next part of the story.

The day after i had the vinyl done i had another opportunity to take pictures.

19 year old was texting and never even hit the brakes after going thru red light.

She was also struck by a car going the opposite direction as me. Everyone survived and she has only a broken collar bone. Judging by the car i was very shocked and thankful.

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Dude! Beautiful setup that was absolutely destroyed. Anything salvageable? Insured I hope?

Going to be doing anything differently this next build?

The things that were mounted thru floor didnt move! Well they did just enough to stretch the threads enough that by myself im having a hell of a time!

I got a quote literally 2 days before accident to cover trailer and contents so well no i have no coverage. Luckily the girl that hit me does. They dont seem to be in much hurry to resolve anything though. 2 weeks and they havnt even admitted fault. Police report was issued 7 days ago.

Darn, That was a nice build. You need to get an attorney. You’re going to lose a months worth of business at the busiest time of the year they need to compensate for. Be sure to add in all your time on the build. good luck.


I will glue the G-Floor this time since it grows/shrinks alot with temperature. I installed it at 25-30 degrees and in the sun at 50-60 degrees you can see in pics it bubbled up but still was working out fine.

Trailer was custom and i cant sit around feeling sorry for myself so im going to end up with a standard side door this time. Probably pushing reels to wall opposite door. I know a couple guys said run out the back but even after half dozen jobs i dont see benifit.

Perfect world i think a box truck or a dedicated truck is better option. I just dont have the means to add another vehicle. Especially now!

I have customers waiting so I took over 100 pictures and i need to rebuild what i can. Most things can be fixed or just have cosmetic issues.

I ordered a new hot unit today and hope my truck is fixed tomorrow to go buy a trailer.

I did call one attorney and he wanted nothing to do with me since im not hurt. Im going to try a couple more tomorrow. I just want to get back to working because it was going very well so far.

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Im running 45 hrs at my fulltime job so this really kicked my butt getting this all setup. Guess its time to dig in and give it another push!

I think i want the cold water on far wall since when that ran before it made intake air for hot unit a bit warm if i was going to have a helper.

Remote system worked really good to run both the ar45 and 12 volt how i had it plumbed saving a bit on that was cool. I think i might skip running a hudson valve and just let it flow free or try jobe

@EveryDetail Great looking trailer Matt. Like Rick said, get an attorney. Document everything. The at-fault party could drag this out a very long time. Call me if I can help with anything.

Wow this pains my soul, what a beauty absolutely decimated. If this doesn’t build your grit, or stop you from achieving your busy dreams; I don’t know what will. You’ve got this brother keep pushing.