The one that got away

Saw this get posted last night for $1,500 and I messaged the person within the first 30 minuets of it being listed. They messaged me back this morning that it was pending sale and they would let me know if it fell through… :worried::triumph::sleepy:

Offer them 1600 for their trouble…cash talks ;>)


I bet they had a flood of people message them! I would have paid 3k all day for that thing…


are you kidding me??

its a different one

nvm no its not!!!

you son of a B… HAHAHAHA I kinda hate you now…

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Looks like it was a double listing and he bought it right out from under you!..just kidding (I think!)

haha he even talked him down on the price hahah

What do you think he could get out of that thing? $3500-4k?

I messaged her first… I know I did. But I bet she had someone tell her they would meet her in the AM…

Is it the exact same one or just a similar listing? When I say same one I mean same seller, same serial number, etc.

It’s the exact same one same seller ect. I went back and looked at the add and the messed up stickers match on the side pictured in the bed of the truck.

Haha sorry man to funny that I saw that today had to share. Message him and offer 2k

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Nah I’ll let him enjoy his toy… I’m building an 8.5gpm machine. I’ll buy a hot box for 2,400 and have a new unit.


I thought it was you that bought it…was about to say we can’t be friends no more! [quote=“MidWestWaterWays, post:4, topic:12140”]

I also thought Midwest bought it. I just looked at the picture he posted real fast and didn’t really read it. I was going to say at least a forum member bought it and not some uninsured weekend hack.


Haha no not me that would have been a little funner though.


Not for me! :tired_face:

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