The New Greaser Hangout

So, here we are. Who are we, and how many?

I am 1 of many.

Sorry star trek moment there! LOL!

Welcome, Josh and Jason.

I’m Stephan from Quebec, Canada! But you guys already know me from TGS and PWI…

I am here… Proud Greaser!!

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Somehow I commented to Facebook.

What I said was.

Im a Greaseologist. Sounds like an intro at a 12 step program.

We are here! :cool:


Now get some greasy talk goin’!

How about a “greasiest hood” photo contest in a new thread? Winner gets bragging rights.

Iam a Greaseologist. That sound like an intro into a 12 step program.

All greasers are VIPs at! Some are even more VIPer!

I’m looking around…do I belong here?

WHAT? Another “Lou” has already registered? Eeee gaads!

I want to renovate my living room any suggestions please.
I have 250 sq living area.

Going to kick this off.

Cleaning hood in ALABAMA