The Movie "Universal Babe" is having a private screening

My sister JoAnn and my Brother inlaw Mick DuRussel along with Kathy and myselfreceived a special Invite by Linda Ruth Tosetti and her husband Andy for the premier screening of the Babe Ruth documentary film called “Universal Babe” by Linda and some others at the Time square Bldg Executive screening room on Nov 2nd.

The word is the Sundance film festival wants this film for potential Academy award considerations in the Documentary film division.

Linda has provided a ton of information for this Movie and She’s in it as well. There’s stories in here that many know about and some stories in here that very few people know about.A lot ofFactual documents and information that was collected thru-out the years*from Linda’s hard work in researching her Grandfather Babe Ruth’s past, is in this film.

This is a dream come true for Linda that is finally happening and I know that Kath,myself along with my sister and Mick are very honored to get to see this firsthand with some others.

I’ll keep ya’s up to date for anyone interested as this progresses.

John T.

That’s pretty cool, JT.
Definitely keep us posted.

Will do Thad.
It’s a small screening with only 165 invited people allowed to attend. Wouldn’t pass this up for the world. Luckily this is happening right after the PWNA Convention(which is now over and I’m on flight heading home) or I would’ve been standing up on stage as if I forgot to wear my clothes. Would not have been a pretty site for sure…lol

The screening in Manhattan Later today was just canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. Undetermined now when this movie will be released. I feel terrible for Linda and her family but there resilient and she’ll be back.

This is back on. Kath and I are going to the screening for this movie “Universal Babe” next Saturday Nov 17. What’s this all have to do with Powerwashing? I’m only going to be there because of Powerwashing and if all works out right the end result is the payback for Linda and her Grandfather Babe Ruth because of the Powerwashers.