The Mole and Jersey Show Ep2

[COLOR=#282828][FONT=helvetica]On this weeks show we have Curt Kempton on the Chop Chop, we are talking about plastic gift cards, and of course our Fail of the Week.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[MENTION=3]josh_cronin[/MENTION] Hi Josh! This didn’t work for me. Could just be my computer but just letting you know in case others had the same problem!

Sorry about that!

We scored a great discount on Responsibid for our viewers, as well as 10% off on the plastic gift cards we discuss in the Marketing Madness segment. I’m gonna take advantage of the gift card discount this week. Anyone else thinking about trying it?

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Is Factory Mart owned by anyone that we would know?

Not that I’m aware of. Josh has used them for a while for those cards and he gave them a call and worked out a deal for Mole and Jersey viewers.

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Hey Michael great video’s by the way. I find them very interesting and entertaining as well:cool:
Can you explain again how we order those gift cards and how we get the 10% discount again—



The reason that I asked Michael about their plastic card supplier is because plastic cards are a product that I offer but I don’t want to step on anybodies toes. Michael indicated in his response above that there was no connection to the supplier so I suppose I won’t be out of line to offer them to you here. 20 point white plastic cards, rounded corners, printed full color front and back are $149.00 per thousand. Less 13% for PWRA, plus $10.00 shipping. I think the ones on the show are a little more expensive.

Keith has done some fantastic Gift Card designs in the past. Was a gift card what you had in mind?

Hey Tim - yes its the gift card I did have in mind. What’s the cost range for a bunch of them & do we get a pwra discount as well?


The cards are $149.00 per thousand, less $19.37 PWRA, plus $10.00 shipping. Total - $139.63 per thousand delivered.

2,500 cards would be $359.00 less $46.67 PWRA, plus $10.00 shipping. Total for 2,500 delivered $322.33.

The plastic cards are an extended lead time product and often take two weeks or so for delivery.

Sounds good Tim.

Another question is how do you guys disperse these cards? We send out post cards to our customers so how do you get these gift cards into their hands?

We hand them out every way possible. They are so cheap and they always come back in great shape. Use them as coupons and get them in people’s hands!.