The MAN himself. What setup?

Anybody know what Ray is using to get this amount of flow? I was thinking since it’s commercial like , hydrant meter to booster?
Curious on what some of the bigger operations think.

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He mainly uses booster pumps. For the rinse cycle with water plumbed straight in to booster can get about 9 gpm depending which booster he’s using.

That’s what I was thinking. Ya know for the longest time I thought you were j racenstein because of your name :joy:

Long way from SC to NJ or wherever they are.

NJ and CA.

Id like to see someone wash a house like this just to compare efficiency. I just dont see why big companies use this setup so much if it wasnt faster 🤷🤷

Same speed as downstreaming. The advantage is you can use the same setup for roofs, stucco, etc. Anything you don’t need pressure for really. I follow another group on Facebook and there’s definitely a “part of the cool kids club” thing going on with the booster with proportioner people, so I think that’s a big part of why as well. Excuse my language, but it’s basically a PowerWashStore product circle jerk. I’m not saying it isn’t good, just saying why.


Well that much is clear lol. Ive also seen racer clean stucco plenty of times with just his PW. A well known BIG company around here uses that setup and had alot of complaints about the booster pumps dependability and he has them a alot of his trucks with that setup. Only uses PW for concrete.

I thought the big selling point is that you can have a high volume soap and rinse like ds.

I can pick up a Dayton 3/4 booster like Doug Gore has from grainger for $550.00 and one of those redneck 3 way pentair “proportioner” valves for $120 and slap it in a box then buy @SchertzServicesLLC box w remote and hav what they charge 3 grand for.

Here is my “bandit/gen2 skid”

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@Racer didn’t you start running a gas powered pump a little while ago? How you liking it so far?

The ones a guy here uses are more like $16,000

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That’s a heck of a setup how many boosters is he running?

Rob just posted a YouTube video of how to plumb one. I need to get back to work but it force feeds off of house supply 3 wayed to buffer. So if you have bad flow. Then do you feed with 12v?
It still seems like a pain to have to plug up to house or generator along with hooking up to water.
The reason I bring it up is I’m trying to add another machine by nov.

I have a 390 which I can throw a comet on for around $900 (I already have my mixed tank for ds.) or I can do the Dayton booster
with another metering setup and plumbing for right around the same price.

Looks like this one. Im referring to pat clark with precision pro wash.

Aah one of AC’s and the cool kids that explains it.
Man you and racer are stacked up there in SC. Sunoco, the nicest setup around IMO, pat, and Paul with Professional lawn and housewash…

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I love it so far. Been using a good bit.

$13,529…Now thats funny.


You should post a video when you get a chance. Is it a comet? I remember @Innocentbystander saying the udor zetas were a miss.

Booster pumps def have their place for specific jobs especially in the commercial end.

But for everyday use you go through way too much detergent, way too fast.

If your into throwing a $hit ton of soap everywhere go for it.

But for everyday use, I guarantee it will get very old, very fast.

Most of them use booster to rinse 12volt pump to soap but ya i agree WAY to much mix for 90% of jobs.

@mgcmike that thing is awesome. Not ideal for small roofs or spot treating IMO.

Interesting, Rob Anderson posts videos using a booster to treat a roof but you never know who’s selling stuff.

So maybe gas would be perfect to add to the arsenal for large commercial properties?