The Importance of Using Soap / Chemicals ( or not )

I want to see where everyone stands on this topic. I realize that some power washing companies will use water pressure only for cleaning in certain circumstances. I have always felt that using some sort of soap or chemical creates a much more efficient cleaning environment and a better result most of the time.

For instance, as an example: What is the importance of using a chemical ( or soap ) on a white vinyl fence that has green build up vs just plain water (hot or cold) as far as the level of professionalism and long term results for the customer ?

Would you say that you normally always use a chemical and are there instances where adding a chemical may be useless and counterproductive in your opinion ? ( I.E. - Like maybe in some instances of surface cleaning ).

I politely decline to answer because you gave us all such a dressing down, I humbly bow to your superiority!

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WDW without a doubt thinkstoomuch!

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No, thinktoomuch maintained a clear opinion regarding additional chemicals. #bigsoap

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