The great debate on "CRM" programs

In the past years (and still currently) we have been utilizing joist for our CRM. Im pretty computer illiterate and it seems to be the easiest and most straight forward program to handle our data. Im extremely old fashion and still use a hard copy planner to schedule jobs also. Although joist has been, after reading some of the other threads on CRM it has left me wanting more out of a program. I would really like to be able to integrate post card marketing to our previous year clients into my business plan this year and that is simply just not something Joist offers. I checked out “Service monster” and “The Customer Factor” and both seem like great programs but from the computer, seem a little confusing to navigate.
What is everybodys recommendation for a program that will give me both simplicity and the ability to retarget our customers via mail/email? Should i get more acquainted with “Service Monster”? Markate?

I like markate and don’t plan on switching. As a sole proprietor, one man operation. It’s perfect, I like the package, option, or standard estimate options that I can send to customers and it helps me upsell for bigger tickets. I can automate review requests, have customer info from the contact form automatically put into my customer database with a press of a button, let customers know when I’m on the way, starting, finishing, and done. I can auto send reminders, send texts and emails to all my customers for cheap, and automate postcard sending whenever.

Plus it allows employees and you can organize their job via work orders. It has 3-4 different pay services like PayPal, square, etc it can use, gosh there is so much… it connects with Quickbooks and you can sync back and forth. Love it man.