The ergonomics of two different styles of 2-wheel pressure washer carts

This question is to anyone who moves their rig around a cart, and for anyone who remembers using one before you moved onwards and upwards to a trailer, box truck, or skid mounted in a truck bed.

I’ve seen two different style carts - one with the 2 wheels in the front and the other with the 2 wheels in the back.



The ones with the wheels in the front… I’ll call them the “wheelbarrow carts,” seem like they’d be fine… IF they had handles like bullhorns like a wheelbarrow does. But they don’t. You can see what the handle looks like. To me it doesn’t look like it’d be easy to lift it with your hands so close together and move it around.

The rear wheel carts (“lawnmower carts”), seem like they’d be easier to maneuver. Push down on the handle like you would when you’re turning around with a lawnmower at the end of a pass, and push it where you need to go. Of course, if the handle is low to the ground like in the first pic, that would be a pain too. I found a pic of one with a telescoping handle, so at least in this example I don’t think it would be too bad.

I’d like to start out with my future pressure washer mouted to a cart, and then eventually remove the wheels and use it as a skid mounted in the bed of a truck. Until that time, I’d like to have the cart that’s the easiest to move around. To me that seems like it would be a rear wheeled cart. What have your experiences been? Thanks.

Sorry, I didn’t read your post… but dragging those things around suck! And gets old real fast

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I’ve been wheeling around this year and will not next year. Like @Chesebro said, pain in the rear!

If I had to choose one based on my experience, I would go with this one


When wheeling a washer around a home especially up and down hills. You will find yourself pretty frustrated and it’s easier to maneuver in this layout vs the other.

Just my 2 cents. Might be a different experience for others

Rear wheels is what makes sense for me too, but I posted so I could get input from others. Thanks for your opinion.

If I was pressure washing full time I can understand why you wouldn’t want a cart mounted setup. My plan is to be a 1 man, 1 truck setup in the future, but I don’t have the time to do that right now because I’m working another job and have other responsibilities. Next year that will change. For now I’d just like to get the pressure washer and do things at my house and pick up an odd job here or there.

I took my front-wheeled unit off it’s cart (4 bolts) about a month ago and I’ve been quite happy with this “upgrade”. I would be shunned from this group if I showed photos of the 4x4 and 2x4 mount I made for the back of my truck, but I’m happy with it and it makes me money. I finally took the plunge and eventually worked my way up to 150 ft of high pressure hose that has allowed me to reach everything I’ve cleaned this past month without having to move my truck once. What a difference it has made.

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I actually had a prospect ask if I had a mobile or truck mount.

Pleebs are getting educated.


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Honestly they both suck lol, they’ll both drive you crazy on wet slippery grass hills! Without mentioning that your customer will look through the window and will see you wrestling that 40+ lbs cart😂 I took mine off the cart, the only reason I didn’t order it on a skid is so I can put the wheels back in winter and store it inside, and just throw it in the truck the days im washing! Reels REALLY make life easier as well, and saves you space


I started there, and it did suck, but it made me appreciate what I have know.

I feel like it was a rite of passage that made me who I am. Would I want to go back in time and have my current gear, starting out. NO!

Just buy the skid and mount it in this

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Get enough hose and you don’t have to drag it around.