The dreaded bird poo

I searched this topic to no avail. Wondering what your best practices are for getting the bird poo off? In my experience (softwashing with cold water) much of it does come off, but much of it doesn’t. Pressure seems to be the only thing to get it but when it is 2 or 3 stories up it can be a pain in the butt. Do you guys just jump on a ladder and hit it with pressure? Do you keep hitting it with softwash until it comes out? Do you simply tell the customer that it needs to be scrubbed off and you were not paid to scrub it?

Bird nests are worst… once you get the nest all poo is on you.

The customer is paying for a house wash, if you gotta hit some poo with a brush so be it.

Sh usually breaks down poo for me. Maybe you need a stronger mix.

I feel like I already read this post and responded the other day.

either way, check amazon or pets smart, they should have a bird poo spray that helps wash it off, with scrubbing and multiple passes

this may be the one I tried the other day: